Methodology of research for dating Mahābhārata

‘Dating’ of Mahābhārata simply refers to finding the year of the Mahābhārata war. This is similar to dating a past event in history, archaeology, geology, paleontology and so on using suitable methods as applicable to them. Except history, the other fields mentioned here use…

My Peer-reviewed paper on the cosmic-impact during Krishna’s peace mission in the traditional year of Mahabharata war (3136 BCE) published: The date vindicated by Science.

The date of the Mahabharata war is centred around three research questions:

I. Why did Bhishma, an adept in calculation of Time that he exhibited in deriving the exact duration of Pandavas’ exile, fail to know the date of Uttarayana (winter solstice) at the time of his fall forcing him…

Inscriptions play a vital role in the re-construction of the past, as they are contemporaneous to the time they were made. In the Indian context “the inscription clears the myth related to ancient history of India as it is regarded authentic than other sources” according J. J. Fleet. Kali Yuga…

Jayasree Saranathan

Author and independent researcher in Indology, Pre-history, Hindu Epics, Vaishnavism, Tamil Sangam Literature and Astro-meteorology. Doctorate in Astrology.

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